Kedington Tale

Words on the Street

“We have been working with Kedington Wines now for seven years. They are attentive to our business, respond very quickly to our needs and go above and beyond to help. Most of all, it’s the one-on-one customer service that we are looking for in a business relationship. We look forward to the future with Kedington Wines”

– Viviano Romito, Concept Creations
(Frites, Tapeo, Chicha and Souvla;

It has been a truly rewarding journey to arrive at where we are now with you and your team. We are very proud to be one of your long term suppliers.

-Kedington Team

“I started doing business with Kedington Wines some 17 years ago as I found that they stocked a somewhat obscure Italian wine which I enjoyed very much at a local restaurant. It then became apparent that they had a selection of many fine and varied wines and over the years I have been introduced to many which have become firm favourites.

After the change of ownership I have found Kedington Wines to have gone from strength to strength and one only needs to look at the popularity of their “wine festival” in October to see how vibrant the firm has become. I love dealing with both Monica and Gigi, who are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their portfolio, but the best compliment must surely be how so many of the wineries have maintained Kedington Wines as their distributors for so many years…it shows that they must be doing things right.

Happy 25th Anniversary!”

– Robert and Vivian Lawson

Thank you, Rob and Vivian as well as your children (grown-ups), you have been one of our most amazing supporters. We enjoy the fun and the wines we’ve shared, but more importantly your friendship. Chelsea is going to win the Premier League this year!

-Kedington Team

“My 15 years of dealing with suppliers has taught me to keep it simple, pick as few as possible and pick those that give you the best customer service. Dealing with Kedington is not a supply and demand scenario, it is a business partnership. They understand my business and have created a relationship second to none.”

- Chris Woodyard, Director of Woolly Pig Concepts Ltd.
(Madam Sixty Ate, Madam s’Ate)

Being one of the few suppliers working with Chris has been very rewarding over the years, and we are pleased to be able to build up such trustworthy business relationship with him and his team.

-Kedington Team

“Marqués de Cáceres is proud to be represented in Hong Kong by Kedington Wines. Our long-standing partnership dates back many years and, together, we have gradually developed our brand on the market. We are now exporting a varied range of choice wines to Hong Kong and look forward to pursuing our business towards the future”

- Cristina Forner, President of Marques de Caceres

The partnership with Marqués de Cáceres signifies a greater part of Kedington’s 25 years of history. We believe it will continue to be a colourful and rewarding journey. Thank you Cristina, for your trust and support.

-Kedington Team

“Congratulations, Kedington, on your 25th anniversary! I am proud that Louis Guntrum has shared the path with Kedington for most of this time. We effected the first shipments to Kedington in 1996. Thank you, Kedington and those people and spirits behind, for a both successful and enjoyable, personal partnership. Off to the next 25 years!

- L. Konstantin Guntrum of Louis Guntrum

Distributing German wines comes with a few challenges, one of which is pronouncing the name….. but we have a lot of fun along the way and are pleased to see your blue bottle Riesling continues to be sought after by trade and consumer alike. Thank you Konstantin, for your trust and support.

-Kedington Team

“I have worked with Kedington Wines for over five years in different areas in the industry. I am continuously impressed by their professionalism and their expansive wine selection that seems to always cater to my needs. I truly appreciate their expertise, efficiency and great customer service that they provide, not to mention the quirky, niche products that they bring to the table! Our client couldn’t be happier with our wine list and I have Kedington Wines to thank for that.”

Ocean Hui, Manager & Sommelier, Tastings Wine Bar

Ocean has always been a great and loyal supporter, following us with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism. Thanks for your continuous support!

-Kedington Team

“Happy Anniversary to Kedington Wines, my favourite source for great wines like, Hewitson’s Olllllddddd Gaaaaaaaarrrrden”

– Terrence Hogan

Everyone, I would like introduce you to the most loyal consumer (in Hong Kong) of Hewitson wines. Thank you (and your friends) for your great support all these years. Viva Ollllllldddd Gaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrdennnnnnnn!

-Kedington Team

“We have had the pleasure of working with Monica, Gigi and the team at KedingtonWines for a number of years. They have been an active sponsor in the annual Party Against Poverty charity fundraiser. Apart from the charity effort, we used Kedington Wines for personal wine purchases in HK and we have recommended their services to many friends.

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary and keep up the good work!
- Razz Leelasena, Creatives Against Poverty HK

Thank you Razz for being one of our true supporters. Should we ever open in Singapore, you’ll be the first to call.

-Kedington Team