Kedington Tale

The Tale: 7 things you need to know

1. Established in 1989, which means we have been around for 30 years

2. A well-established wine importer and distributor in Hong Kong with services in Macau

3. We began with an Australian-focused portfolio whesn the market was Bordeaux- and Italian-centric; although today we remain strong for our brands Down South, we have diversified to include other key wine producing regions – we are currently an exclusive agent of over 50 wineries/brands, such as the award winning champagne house, Charles Heidsieck, and international Rioja brand Marques de Caceres.

4. Kedington is spelled with only one “d”

5. There had been two ownership changes throughout the years; the current owner and Managing Director is Ms. Monica Cheung

6. There is no Mr. Kedington. In fact, there never was.

7. The team is young, energetic, knowledgeable and if you need any wine recommendations, they should be the first ones on your speed dial

8. (and just one more for good luck) The origin of Kedington, as part of the business name, still remains a mystery…