Kedington Tale

Before After

Evolution of the logo

Kedington Wines has grown immensely throughout the last quarter of the century. Witnessing the ever-changing styles, tastes, and people, the business adapted and matured with the market. And so, to truly pay homage to the evolution of Kedington Wines, we decided to give our logo a face-lift to reflect who we are today.

We did not want to stray too far away from our original creatures, Unicorn and Pegasus. They have been part of our foundation since the beginning, after all! But after many insignias were drawn, as well as many animals, none won the hearts of our team. Eventually, we came across the one that is is now a reflection of us! A classic yet modern logo with a creature that is fusion of our beloved Unicorn and Pegasus, it signifies the Kedington energy, forward thinking and our strength in the dynamic market.