WoW! It’s the Swire Women of Wine Festival 2017

Debra Meiburg, Asia’s first Master of Wine is joining forces with Swire Properties to bring you the first annual Swire Women of Wine (WoW) Festival this March.

We’ll be joining the event, showcasing some of our favourite wine women from the portfolio. Join us on the evening of the 10th of March to try wines from Chateau Pouilly, Pfeiffer, Marques de Caceres, Schubert and Yeringberg – each of which  is closely tied to a strong female character.

Read on for more details on the event & follow our Facebook page to find out more about the ladies behind the wines we’ll be showcasing.

Wine x International Women’s Day: WoW! — Swire Women of Wine Festival

Celebrate Wow-Worthy Women, Learn About Wine and Try the Best Wines by Women!

Hong Kong’s first Women of Wine (WoW) Festival is the chance to get inspired, celebrate, taste, discover, learn, meet and mingle, all in celebration of 2017 International Women’s Day.

Taste a plethora of global wines made by women, and up your wine IQ with Pop-up workshops on wine tasting, glassware, old world vs new world, wine storage, mastering the wine menu and more. Meet other successful, like-minded women while toasting the messages of gender equality and diversity of International Women’s Day.