Wall Street Journal names Hewitson LuLu Sauvignon Blanc in Global Top 10

“Sauvignon Blanc is a wine-world conundrum: highly distinctive but sometimes unremarkable; wildly popular yet not always prized; grown everywhere, but even its fans know only two types: New Zealand and Sancerre,” writes Lettie Teague of The Wall Street Journal. In a recent article she ventures far beyond these two staples, exploring examples from all over the world. She recognizes that “…with so much Sauvignon Blanc produced all over the world, there are clearly going to be both winners and duds (with most examples falling somewhere between forgettable and avoid-at-all-costs)” – but singles out a global Top 10, including Hewitson’s LuLu Sauvignon Blanc 2016.

“This lime-zesty wine from a single vineyard in a cool site salutes winemaker Dean Hewitson’s wife, LuLu.”