Proyecto Garnachas de Espana Priorat, Calatayud, Ribera del Queiles Spain

It all begins at the centenary Garnacha vineyards that belong to Raul Acha’s family, oenologist at Vintae, in Cardenas (La Rioja). His father has always wanted to pull them up, but Raul defends their value. With the aim of proving this to his father, he sets out on a journey through the Valle del Ebro to learn about the past, present and future of the Garnacha variety.

Project Garnachas of Spain pays homage to a variety that has been historically forgotten due to the complications involved in its winegrowing and making – Garnacha. The result is a collection of monovarietal wines from very old vineyards that capture the concept of Terroir to perfection, as each wine expresses all the nuances and singularities typical of its area.

La Garnacha Salveje del Moncayo | Ribera del Quelies

La Garnacha Olividada de Aragon  | DO Calatayud

La Garnatxa Fosca del Priorat  | DOQ Priorat